Daily One Liner updates every day, without fail. On 19 June, it updates twice, to celebrate Twice Comic Day, which is something I just made up.


There is a continuity, so don't expect to be able to just jump in on today's comic and understand everything. However, even though I've amassed hundreds of comics, they're all really short reads, so catching up shouldn't be too daunting.


Guest Comics

This is a guest comic I did for the comic Voice of Dog, which unfortunately has stopped updating. You can still read it by clicking the picture, though.


This is a guest comic for Scripted, which has also stopped updating. It's still good, though, so click the picture to go read it.


Book Covers

For New York Comic Con 2015, I sold hard copies of Daily One Liner, in sets of five books each containing about fifty comics. That meant the books went up to comic #250, and the day I was selling them, Daily One Liner was only up to #249.

I didn't sell that many, but I thought you might want to see the covers I did for each chapter.

[wip; pictures unavailable]