Animal Comic 25

Animal Comic 25
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27th Mar 2015 in Cinema

Author Notes:

Sataro 27th Mar 2015, 12:00 AM edit delete
This is the 50th D1L comic! So I animated it!

This is the first time I've done traditional animation. It's also the last time. I hate it and I'm never doing it again. I'm a digital animator for life. Well, I mean, I'd prefer to be a writer. I guess I could do that on paper. But I also prefer typing over handwriting. Oh right, the 50th comic.

I animated this on the computer first, then projected it on a wall using a really low quality projector and traced each frame as hastily as possible. And it really shows. This was a pain in the butt to scan and align.



keith 28th Mar 2015, 1:06 AM edit delete reply
That was dope.
Sataro 1st Apr 2015, 2:39 PM edit delete reply